toddler (2-4 years) screen time blue blocker AVN glasses


Screen time happens, do something about it with our toddler computer glasses! Experts warn that blue rays from electronic devices can cause serious damage to eyes and even screw up your sleep patterns, so we decided to use our unbreakable frames to stop those pesky rays with our Anti-Visual Noise (AVN) lenses!

Make it a habit to always encourage your young to use these blue light blocking toddler glasses in front of computers, tablets, phones, or under LED lights. Toddler computer glasses with AVN lenses reduce strain, headaches and tired eyes when starting at a screen too long! Using our blue light blocking toddler glasses in the hour before bed is also a critical factor in falling asleep. Healthy eyes and better sleep, woohoo! 

Lenses have a slight yellow/orange tint, that's the blocking action! Otherwise the view is quite clear, no ugly orange images here!

We usually have these in stock for next day shipment, but if not you can still order them and we'll have them ready for you in about a week!