Xiaomi TS Polarized Sunglasses

Brand Xiaomi
Product name Xiaomi Mijia TS UV400 Polarized Sunglasses
Product size Frame 54-19-145
Frame color Black
Lens color Gray

Product material
301 hyperelastic stainless steel
TAC polarized lens
TPE nose support silicone glasses leg
Visual experience Strong texture, delicate
Wear experience Light and comfortable
Function Anti-allergy, anti-broken & polarized lens

20μm scratch self repairing coating
There is a layer of 20μm repair coating on the lens. When the surface is slightly scratched (within 20μm depth), the scratched ring structure in the coating will recover its original structure under the ultraviolet irradiation in the sun.

Polarizing lens with 6-layer coating
Polarized self repairing lens can effectively reduce the strong light, eliminate the dazzling reflected light and scattered light. Self repair layer, UV absorption layer, fiber protective layer, and the central polarizing layer.

Z-shaped glasses leg
TS Polarized Sunglasses adopt the Z-shaped design at the corner of the mirror leg, which can meet the needs of the wearer with different face width.

0.25N clamping force
The overall clamping force is only 0.25N, which can effectively reduce the head pressure.

Use flatter curved surface lenses
TS polarized sunglasses use flatter curved surface lenses, the reduction of curvature can make the lens focus more focused, so as to avoid wearing blurred vision, unclear resolution and other phenomena, reduce the discomfort and dizziness caused by bending.

Comfortable TPR nose support and silicone foot cover
TPR rubber has good wear resistance, softness and shock absorption. TS polarized sunglasses are made of silica gel instead of PVC, it has no irritation to the skin.

Package Included:
1x Xiaomi TS polarized sunglasses

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